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Using Security Features for Cloud Computing Based on New Symmetric Key Algorithm Saeed Q. Al-Khalidi Al-Maliki 1and Fahad Alfifi 2
Yomi Gom1,Department of Computer Science, Washington Institute of Technology, USA


Cloud computing platforms deliver critical business applications in large part because of sales commitments to security and privacy. With the help of cloud computing, large pools of resources can be connected via private or public networks to provide dynamically scalable infrastructures for application, data and file storage. Additionally, the costs of computing, application hosting, content storage and delivery can be significantly reduced. However, problems arise with cloud computing concerning data privacy, security and authenticity. Hence, our research paper presents an efficient method for providing data-storage security in cloud computing using a new simple symmetric key algorithm. This algorithm includes such important security services as key generation, encryption and decryption that are provided in cloud computing systems. The main scope of this paper is to solve the security issues in both cloud providers and cloud consumers using new cryptography methods.

Desain and Implementation Oof Fm Radio Waves as Distance Measuring AC Voltage

Slamet Suripto and Iswanto, University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta,Indonesia.


Increasingly widespread and sophisticated electricity theft committed by businesses and households to make the losses suffered by the State greater. Indicators that can be used as a reference to determine whether the sector in the load point of theft is to observe changes in the value of current flowing in the load point, because in every area of distribution the value of current flowing is determined by PLN. But keep in mind that changes to the current value of a network is not only due solely because of theft but the change in the value of the current can also be caused by external factors, such as lightning disturbances. To solve the theft of electricity is then needed a measuring tool for observing changes in the value of current that can be used in a power grid which then gauge observations are compared with data obtained information from the registrar meter. In the design and manufacture of equipment, data transmission measurements using FM radio communication because communication is more resistant to FM interference (noise). Data measurement results must be recorded and stored on a computer.

Analysis of Classification Algorithms for Plant Leaf Disease Detection

J.Nithiswara Reddy Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering line Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri,Kerala,India


Agribusiness is the essential occupation inIndia, that assumes a vital job in the economy of the nation. Yearly 15.7 percentage of the crops are being lost due to attack by insect pests and diseases [1]. The diseases caused willleadtoa reduction of quality and quantity of crops. To maintain the health of the plant, it is required to identify the infection and give reasonable consideration. It is difficult to do physically because the humaneyecannotobservetheminutevariationsof the infected part of the leaf. In this way, we have built up a framework programming utilizing Matlab [2] to distinguish plant leaf illnesses by utilizing picture handling procedures. The software is produced so that a man even who don't have earlier learning about the plants, and their ailments can effectively recognize infected leaves. We have utilizedk-means clustering to distinguish the tainted region of the plant leaf. The diseased recognition part incorporates picture obtaining, image pre-processing, segmentationandfeatureextractionand SVM classification.

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